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This site is currently going through a “RE-IMAGINING” phase.

Please be patient in our quest to deconstruct to reconstruct.

Coming soon…

And never say “coming soon” on a website because it’s a known fact that people won’t return!

Currently making things happen before updating this site…No really!

I’m working on creating a whole new AdventureIT2 world!

My Biggest Passion…

Top down cruising in my Beetle … just Tripin’ around California with the Music playing … my jukebox on wheels!

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Rick Engvall

Technologist since the Personal Computer revolution in the 80’s!

Webmaster / Tech Guy for the…
San Juan Alumni Association
Website, NeonCRM, NeonPAY, eMail Marketing

Webmaster / Tech Guy for the…
San Juan Class of ’73 50th Reunion
Website, Online Payments, eMail Marketing

Road Tripin’ on the way to NAPA California